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My name is Dorothée and I’m a French girl learning foreign languages (among other things, please check the ABOUT page to know more !)

The present blog “Multiple Language Learning Diary” will be, as the title says, a Diary for my Writing Training in my Multiple Languages.

I learn multiple languages at once, which is pretty challenging and maybe not recommended, but I just cannot drop one as I find them all interesting in their own way. If I had more time, I would learn more of them, but I need to work and sleep too… I have begun to be (kind of) reasonable.

I’m a self-learner, so I need to overcome the difficulties by myself, creating new learning ways.

Right now, I’m at a good level in English and German, and at a Beginner level in my other languages. That is where and when this blog comes in!


joli bloc note


I learn a lot of vocabulary with flashcards apps, some grammar points once in a while… but then I’m stuck! I just don’t know what to do with all this. Conjugation is the worst part: I can’t speak of past and future.

I have decided to take my language learning seriously and make progress at last. I think what will really help improving my language skills is to write regularly, using my foreign languages.

So, I will post on the blog texts about me, my language learning or more likely silly sentences for practice. I am currently learning four really different languages, so I’m not likely to confuse them:

  • Spanish, a Romance language like French, so I have less difficulties learning it, I think. I feel close to Spanish and more likely to try writing it.
  • Japanese is another challenge witht a completely different writing system. I know the kana, but my kanji learning is still in progress. I wanted to learn something really foreign (culturally too)… now I have to get more acquainted and used to it to be able to write it.
  • Icelandic I discovered a few years ago, stopped and restarted a couple of times. Otherwise foreign, I hope I will be able to make links with English and German.
  • Hungarian I took interest in when I met some Hungarian people, who became my friends and who I visited last year. Now I want to know more about the language.

I will post indifferently in all languages. My writing is a part of my learning plan in order to try to make them equal. This month, I had a focus on Japanese. Next month it will be Icelandic.

Feel free to correct my mistakes and give me language advice in the comments if you know better or if you feel like it: I’ll learn faster thanks to you. Only be kind, remember learning is always in progress 😉


Let’s begin to write this Multiple Language Writing Diary!



3 thoughts on “Hi there!

  1. A project called life says:

    Hey, I’m gonna follow your blog because I’m also intrested in language learning.(German, English, Spanish, Portuguese). Btw I’m Hungarian, and since not many people are trying to learn it, I’m very curious about your experiences. I’m willing to hep too, if I can. (: So go for it.
    In the meantime, if you have same time I kindly ask you to check out my blog. I’ll be writing about my self-improvement journey and at some point I’ll write about language learning in general as well as my experiences in Spanish (which is the language I currently focus on). You might find it intresting.
    Thanks in advance. All the best.



    • bouquinette000 says:

      Hi Adam,
      Your blog is nice and your project very cool! I surely visit it from time to time! (I’ve already made comments ;))
      I would be glad if you could correct my Hungarian posts. Help is always welcome. I have not been learning the language for long, but I have the feeling some things will be hard: suffixations (with the prepositions), there’s a lot of cases (more than German^^) and vocabulary is really foreign. I don’t know how people who have so peculiar languages do… Like Asian people achieve to learn european languages…
      Well! All the best to you too!

      Liked by 1 person

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