Melancholy Hawk #1

Weapons cargo to Mars #1

The sun was red at this time of the year on Elrl. It would be a good holiday place if the planet had beaches instead of arid red rocks and metal towers. Rob Jakonen wondered how they could only have oxygen on this planet, plants were so scarce and skinny. Even arid places on Earth would appear like honest countryside in comparison… Whatever, a planet is never hospitable when women aren’t. And those on Elrl were pretty rough.

He observed from afar the end of the freight being charged in the cargo ship. It is always better to leave Grimmthain make the deal in those situations: Neanderthalians are so susceptible, they understand and respect only their own, so they are civil only towards them… He always wondered how Grimm could bare being with such an eclectic crew only composed of inferiors on the Hawk. Maybe he only stays until Rob would pay his debt. It is not as the giant had sympathy for any of the crew…

“That was the last pack, brother Grimmthain”, said the Neanderthalian in charge of the shipping, “Would you come inside to restore before you leave?”

“Thank you, brother Déoden”, answered Grimmthain, “Here is your due. I’ll have to disoblige you; we have no time for that.”

“Your ‘crew’ can wait.”

“It’s not them I care to make wait, but our client. Trade is my living. May the gods be with you, brother”, finished Grimm walking to the ship.

“And with you, brother Grimmthain”, answered Déoden.

Rob followed Grimm into the ship.

“Is everything ready, Zoey?”, asked Rob, “Did you have enough time to repair the shields? With such a load, we can expect to meet some friends on the way.”

“Cost me an arm to replace the broken zytron heart, but yeah. No way I could make a good deal: Neanderthalians are such misogynists! No offense, Grimm.”

“My kind doesn’t make such considerations. We despise the weak and the foolish, not the females.”

“Now, I feel better”, concluded the mechanic going back to her post.

Rob took place at the pilot station and asked the control of Elrl for departure. He got the green light and put the Melancholy Hawk in direction of the solar system.

The quicker they would deliver on Mars the better. Weapons is never an easy freight to ship. Pirates are always on alert. He knew being one himself from time to time. When the universe is under the law of the strongest, and you can expect help from no superior authority, you have to defend yourself… and to do so you need weapons. And if you don’t need weapons yourself, you will always find a buyer.

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