Melancholy Hawk #2

Weapons cargo to Mars #2

Read episode #1

Rob drove a few minutes in direction of Meca to take the hyperspace highway. He put the hyperspeed on and they left the Napribera system. Out of the hyperspace, they arrived in Tsubata. Even with Nobu on board, Rob wouldn’t spend too much time in this system because he didn’t trust Arathis: his mouse friend wasn’t the best pickpocket he knew for nothing. They’re fawning and pretend to be artists and hedonists to better stick you a knife in the back… Arathis never tried to stick him literally a knife in the back for the moment, but you never know what they’re up to. They sell their soul for the best bargain, have no real enemies but no real friends either. Opportunists survive the best in this broken and shaking universe.

Nobu Akijima was selling fake money on Akurit when Rob met him. Pretty audacious to scam Shafurr people for an Arathi. The cats discovered Nobu’s fake and were about to rip him apart when the mouse escaped at the last minute in the Hawk without Rob knowing. Shafurr are a resentful species. They pursued the Hawk for days before they lost his trace in the Vareth system. Cold feet cats didn’t want to start a war against the Stodrals by shooting at sight on anything improper. Then, Nobu finally quitted his hiding place to introduce himself. Rob put as a condition that the Arathi made amend toward the Shafurr and refund the scam, he had to put the hand at the pocket because the Arathi was a good spender and he kept at first Nobu with him to repay his debt. When the debt was paid, Nobu decided to stay. Arathis scam and abuse even their own family. So, Rob was the first friend Nobu ever had. The Hawk’s captain never had to regret it until then, and he sometimes forget Nobu’s Arathi nature. When he realises that, he hopes the Arathi won’t get back to his true nature… or that betrayal is not a part of Nobu’s true nature… or whatever.

Rob always wants to see the best in people. It’s his weakness and thus even if he usually gets disappointed, he can’t help it. He never was disappointed by Zoey (she’s fundamentally nice) nor Grimm (Rob never expected much from him in the first place, and if kindness is not a quality by Neanderthalians, dishonesty isn’t either), nor by Chaszmyr Kin’til their Nabu medic (a secret, lunatic man but not bad guy). Luck was on his side when choosing his mates apparently.

“Weird activity around Ni, captain”, Zoey woke him up.

“Any relatives of yours, Nobu?” asked the captain.

“Nope. Nobody I am in good term with owns a cruiser”, the Arathi answered. “And I have been quiet enough lately…”

“Good news”, whispered Rob.

“The fleet comes to us, but they’re too far away for me to say who it is…” continued the mechanic girl.

“Najas”, concluded Grimmthain. “I can tell by their formation.”

“What formation?” asked the girl terrified.


“Pff… I thought we were in trouble.”

“Five cruisers to negotiate… I would say we are in trouble…” commented Nobu.

“They were waiting for us”, added Grimm.

“So, we ARE definitely in trouble”, concluded Nobu.

“You’re so helpful…” Zoey couldn’t say much more.

“They’re too close now to take a way out without being suspicious. Let’s talk…” said Rob determined and still following his flying plan to Wode. “If it comes to a chase, we have to have ideas. Zoey. Nobu. You’re on it.”

“Yes, sir”, answered Nobu.

“Sure, I already have one. Just need to make a curve to my lab”, added the mechanic.


Read episode #3


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