Melancholy Hawk #3

Weapons Cargo to Mars #3

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The Naja first cruiser didn’t wait long before asking for contact. Grimmthain opened the visual conference.

“Salutations to the Melancholy Hawk”, began the Naja captain.

“Salutations. We don’t have the honour of knowing you, sir”, replied Rob.

“The name is Shabaka, Captain of the Lucky Snake.”

“Dear Captain Shabaka, it’s a pleasure. What can I do for you?” asked the captain of the Melancholy Hawk.

“We are aware of your cargo and we want you to deliver it to us immediately”, continued the Naja.

“Unfortunately, the client who actually ordered this cargo is waiting for it. We will have to decline your offer.”

“No offer was made yet. So let me do it properly now. Give us the weapons or we will destroy it.”

“You’ll have to come on this cargo first.”

“Or destroy the cargo… with you on board”, concluded Shabaka. “I let you discuss it with your friends. You have 5 minutes.” And the Naja cut off the call.

Zoey and Nobu followed the discussion on the general radio. After the lab, Zoey was now back in the control room. Chaszmyr Kin’til, the Nabu medic, has joined them as he does in critical situations, even when he has no use to (like in this situation). Nobu had studied the maps to evaluate the better escape way.

“So, what’s the plan?” asked Rob.

“I was working on a multiplier in the lab lately. I was thinking about sending drones and multiply the dimensions to make them look like us and create a diversion when entering the hyperspace, making several drones take different directions”, explained Zoey.

“The first highway leads to Wode, Ribaddi and Naja”, continued Nobu. “It’s obvious that we won’t go to Naja, where another fleet could wait for us or identify us in a second…”

“Wode is the shortest way to the solar system”, added the Neanderthalian. “But if they know about our cargo, they probably know about our destination…”

“If they know about our destination, they will wait for us near Mars”, suggested Rob. “But we can’t let them follow us in the right direction. We have to lost them before pursuing to the solar system. We’re going to Ribaddi. Then Tathyn, Katsu and Alak. It’s possible that we have a client in Klanar.”

“We work for the Shafurr often enough, yep”, added the mouse.

Chaszmyr gave them a fly plan for the drones. “In Ribaddi, we can open the hyperspace to Panha and Tathyn. And from Tathyn, it’s possible to join Heda and Katsu.”

“This way, we won’t use too many drones. Good plan. It must be enough”, finished Zoey.

“Don’t forget there are five cruisers to lose”, the captain reminded them. “Time’s out. Everyone’s ready? Maximum speed, so hold on.”

The Lucky Snake and Shabaka decided to call again at this moment. Grimm didn’t take the trouble to open the canal, they were already on track.


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