Melancholy Hawk #4

Weapons Cargo to Mars #4

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The cargo was going straight to the hyperspace door. The Naja cruisers didn’t seem surprised as they followed them at high speed. Zoey was preparing the drone launching.

“Ready, Zoey? We’re entering the hyperspace in 3, 2, 1… Now!”, announced Rob.

Zoey pressed the button to free a drone with the multiplier effect in direction of the Wode system. The Melancholy Hawk took the other direction to Ribaddi. The Naja lost some seconds considering the situation. They decided to split.

“One cruiser follows the drone,” confirmed Grimm.

“The contrary would have been too good to be true,” sighed the captain without losing his concentration. “Four left… At the next junction, we go to Tathyn, Zoey launches a drone to Panha.”

The Naja followed and began to shoot. Rob avoided the first salvo. Grimmthain, at the shooting station, began the counteroffensive. They bypassed Timasion and entered the sulphuric atmosphere of Tabnit. The Lucky Snake and his suite gained ground. The second salvo touched the Hawk. After the impact, Chaszmyr held more tight to his position. The team received a message from Shabaka:

“Your little trick didn’t work, Captain Jakonen, and our fire power is far over yours and far over the resistance capacity of your ship. Don’t waist our time. And save your life.”

In spite of Rob’s flying acrobatics, they encountered a new shooting. Nobu lost his grip and fell on the ground. Zoey’s head hit the wall. The Arathi ran then to the general centre to support the shields that were failing. The Neanderthalian answered back, but the cruiser’s defence was resistant and he didn’t make any damage. The Nabu medic felt useless, he tried to pray, but the flying chase made him too sick for it.

Rob drove the Melancholy Hawk in direction of the other hyperspace tunnel. No time for convolutions: the more time they spent in the system, the more the Naja moved closer.

“Zoey, in 3, 2, 1… Now!”, instructed the captain, and the mechanic obeyed.

The multiplied drone went straight to its direction while the Hawk hurried in the other. This time, the cruisers didn’t lose time. One of them followed the drone, the rest of the fleet, the Lucky Snake ahead, followed them in the twists and turns of the hyperspace to Tathyn.

“Shit”, swore Rob.

“Three left”, observed the Neanderthalian, taking the shooting over as soon as they were out of the highway.

“Stop the shooting!”, said Chaszmyr loudly. “Tathyn is a very inhabited system, and there are a lot of ships. You could touch civilians!”

“We don’t have the choice Chasz…”, answered Rob. “The Naja won’t be that delicate.”

“I know what I’m doing”, completed Grimmthain.

“You don’t make any damage anyway!”, observed the medic.

“I’ll do my best, Chasz. We won’t rest here long”, continued Rob.

“Commercial ships on our way to the hyperspace”, noticed Zoey who was preparing the last drones.


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