Melancholy Hawk #5

Weapons cargo to Mars #5

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Rob Jakonen cursed the Nabu ships inside. He couldn’t afford to make a detour, the cargo was too slow and the Naja cruisers would be on him in seconds. Chaszmyr continued his pledge:

“Change the route Rob! The commercial ships are not equipped to support attacks.”

“You can see by yourself that the cruisers are gaining ground”, answered the captain, holding the course in spite of his evasion manoeuvres.

The Naja shot salvos after salvos, all around, and what should happen finally happened: they touched a Nabu ship, which was not prepared for any attack and exploded straight away.

“We can still surrender! Stop this! Now!”

“Chasz, SHUT-UP!”, ended the captain. The tone he used made the Nabu silent, but the medic wouldn’t forget this affront. Fortunately, they might not survive long enough for Rob to suffer his wrath.

The cruisers began to deploy and shoot Nabu ships. Grimm tried to protect them but he was not always in good position for that as they were still running away and the next junction was still far. Their feeling of culpability didn’t escape Shabaka who sent them another message.

“Well, Captain… How do you feel looking at all those innocent blue angels dying because of you? Hmm. I guess you feel really really bad as you desperately try to stop my salvo with yours… You know what to do if you want to stop this.”

“How did I need to say it: we must surrender! Even if we leave the system, they’ll let a cruiser behind to make more damages!”

“Chasz…”, began the captain trying not to sound too much irritated.

“And what do you think the Naja will do with our cargo? We’re conveying weapons, remember?”, shouted Zoey. “Do you think they just want them to decorate the walls? Once they’ll have enough to start the war, they’ll kill the rest of your people, you silly blue guy!”

It let the group speechless for a few seconds except for Grimmthain. “The girl has a point.”

“Thank you”, concluded the said girl.

Just after that, they took another salvo. The shields were badly damaged. They had to find a solution. At that pace, they wouldn’t reach the hyperspace in one piece.

“Zoey! How many drones do you have left?”, asked Rob.

“Four. I prepared two of them directed to Panha and Heda as we planned. So we can take the hyperspace to Katsu”, answered the mechanic.

“New plan. Set up the four drones to Katsu, Heda, Ribaddi and Klanar”, began the captain. He didn’t let time for Zoey to speak. “I know it’s a long shot for a drone to make it to Klanar, but we have to try. Just do it. We go to Panha. They don’t expect us to go backwards. It’s our only chance.”

The human girl didn’t take much time to think. She breathed out and prepared the drones following Rob’s instructions.

Military ships took off from Luata and Balbri. Chaszmyr was wondering what they were waiting for: for the crew medic the minutes seemed to have been longer than they were in reality. The cargo suffered the shooting too as the Nabu army didn’t make in the details: all the ships in the area which were not Nabu, were responsible for this. Behind the scene, Nobu was working hard but he saw his efforts badly rewarded.

“Zoey, once you’re done with your drones, I could use some help over there”, he said in the intercom.

Chaszmyr decided to go help the mouse. He repaired bodies not machines, but he could pass him monkey wrenches or screwdrivers… or whatever… tools anyway, that the other could use to do whatever he did. Plus, he couldn’t bare anymore seeing the light points fade from the radar and his own people shooting at him.

The drones were finally ready.

“I’m ready when you are, Rob”, said Zoey.

“Ok. On my count. 3…”, began Rob.

“What? Now? Have you lost your mind?”, cut him Zoey.

“We won’t reach the hyperspace. The shields are almost off!”, shouted the captain. “On my count! 3, 2, 1… Now!”

Even if she didn’t believe in what she was doing, Zoey launched the drones, for the best or the worst, fate was not in her hands anymore.


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