Melancholy Hawk #6

Weapons Cargo to Mars #6

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At the same moment, Rob made a 180°. As the rest of the crew didn’t expect that, they went through the acrobatics as they could, hurting themselves. The cruisers needed a few seconds to get back to position and decide who to follow.

“A Naja ship follows a drone to Heda and the Lucky Snake follows the one to Katsu”, commented the mechanic Zoey Neeski. Rob was glad they had change their plan as they previously wanted to join the solar system passing by Katsu…

“But one still after us”, ended the captain.

Zoey didn’t lose more time. With all the drones launched, she was no use in the cockpit anymore… And they will need a shields for sure. The Naja cruiser that was left was not the main ship, but still… The mouse and the Nabu were glad to see her coming.

At the pilot station, Rob tried to keep a straight line, not to betray with his skills that he was the real cargo. In the background, the drones went into the hyperspace and with them the two cruisers. The Naja ship shot a salvo that destroyed a part of the shield, but as the cargo didn’t explode, they knew they were following the right ship. Rob could take the flight as he wanted now, taking shortcuts to reach the hyperspace entrance to Panha.

Zoey succeeded to repair the broken shields, but for how long? The Naja didn’t stop to shoot. Rob flew literally for his life, and finally, they entered the hyperspace. The cruiser didn’t come closer. It was not the best pilot that chose to follow them. For once, they had luck. But without drones, they won’t get to trick him this time. Rob should think of something. And this really fast.

He saw the end of the hypertunnel. And the answer, the solution he was searching came to his mind. He didn’t slow down. He wouldn’t go out.

“Rob, you should slow down, now. It won’t help us to escape if we’re dead”, noticed Grimmthain.

“We’re not going to die”, answered simply Rob.

“What are you up to?”, asked the other. “Slow down now if you want to go out in Panha! You’re the pilot! I don’t have to explain you your job!”

“We’re not going out here. We don’t stop in Panha”, continued the captain.

“That was what I was afraid of… This is madness! We won’t make it to Jaddhire in the actual state of the cargo! If you consider that we even could do it when the ship is at its best”, commented Grimm aloud.

Rob didn’t answer. He knew this better than Grimm, but it was their only chance. Always at her repair work, Zoey found them weirdly quick at this time in the hyperspace and asked through the intercom:

“What’s going on? Why are we still at this speed, we arrive in Panha in a couple of seconds!”

“Rob is trying to kill us all. I doubt he listens to you more than he did with me”, kind of explained the Neanderthalian.

“I’m actually trying to save us”, interrupts the captain.

“Are you out of your mind?”, asked Nobu.

“What is the problem?”, asked Chaszmyr to his companions, he had no idea what they were talking about, being not a pilot nor a technology man. Zoey didn’t have time to answer him:

“Could you please tell me your kind of ideas when you have them, captain? Then I could maybe do my job.”

The mechanic was afraid the shields wouldn’t support the trip through the second hyperspace highway due to the speed and their primarily state… She would have to refresh the ship otherwise. Nobu was still working on maintaining the shields on. That is the moment Rob took the turn to Jaddhire. The Naja wouldn’t follow, that he was sure. But in which state will be the ship when they go out? And will they make it at all?

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