Melancholy Hawk #7

Weapons Cargo to Mars #7

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That was kind of bullshit suspense at the end of the last episode: of course they will make it through to Jaddhire, and they will succeed in their mission… I am not such an artist to kill all my characters at their first mission or write dramas. I am more a traditional not-at-all-original “the good guys win in the end” kind of girl 😉

But the Hawk’s crew doesn’t know that. They don’t even know they are story characters. So let’s take the story over in the crisis situation we left them.

Rob had difficulties to keep on direction. The cargo was shivering dangerously. Surely it was also leaking, smoking and falling apart… The hyperspace never seemed him so long before. The others were gripping whatever they could to avoid the shudders. Except for Zoey, who was trying to save her life. Yes, hers… In this kind of situation, being egoist was the least important of her preoccupations. The mechanic deviated everything she could to refresh the Hawk in order that the cargo didn’t transform in a fire ball: air conditioning, water system, fire protection… keeping enough of the last to react if fire initiated anyway. Last thing she could do was praying… And so she did, even if she wasn’t religious in general.

Finally, they went out of the tunnel. A big explosion happened. Nobu and Zoey were prompt to extinguish the fire, but pieces of the cargo would stay there in the space of Jaddhire… Then, the Arathi and the human girl had to plug the hole in the cabin… The only option was to seal a part of the cargo and let the nanobots do their magic…

“Well, I guess we’re alive and I think I’m owed some apologies”, bragged the pilot.

“With a hundred credits and a Zywak bar in present paper?”, ironised the mechanic. “I saved our asses! The Hawk would have exploded in the hyperspace without me.”

“Yeah. Good work, Zoey”, acknowledged Rob. “How is the ship?”

“In bad shape. We lost a large part of the third quarter”, answered Nobu.

“It will be difficult to go far in this state…”, added Zoey.

“We can’t stay here. The Naja are still after us”, continued the Neanderthalian. “They have found out that we didn’t go out in Panha. They might suppose we didn’t make it… But I don’t think Shabaka would accept a supposition as an answer, they’ll come here eventually.”

“You’re right. We have to leave the system. We’ll take a break in Tsubata”, decided the captain. “Zoey. Are we ready to make another hypertrip?”

“Not really. But I don’t think you care…”

“And if the Naja are still there?”, asked Chaszmyr, who survived too, at his own surprise.

“Let’s hope they’re not…”, was the only answer he got.

The mechanic called the nanobots back… They will be needed, it was not time to lose any. Then, Rob took the portal to Tsubata. He was very careful, but the state of the ship would be worse at the arrival in the system for sure with the hole at the back corner…


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