Melancholy Hawk #9

Weapon Cargo to Mars #9 (final)

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The Melancholy Hawk left carefully but quickly the planet Ichi, and the system of Tsubata soon after that. They took the direction of the Wode system as Rob and Grimm agreed, but uncertain of the welcoming committee they would encounter there… When they first bluffed to escape the cruisers, they sent a drone to Wode and a Naja ship had followed and could still be there. Improbable but not impossible.

In the hyperspace tunnel, Zoey’s reparations seemed to keep in place. Reliable as usual. They soon arrived in the Wode system. Principal system of the Nabu people, the place was crowded: commercial ships were everywhere to be seen. Rob acted as normal as possible, waiting for Grimmthain’s conclusions. The Neanderthalian needed a little time to scan the perimeter for Naja presence in the system.

No trace of their drone: it was either lost in the hyperspace or the Naja took the bits and pieces for proof to calm Shabaka’s nerves.

“I see no trace of our drone. But also, no trace of Naja ships”, said finally Grimmthain. “I can scan with precision only til G’eltin, the other planets are out of reach…”

“Najas are not welcomed by Nabus… It’s unlikely they would hide around here…” added Chaszmyr.

“Precautions never killed anybody”, commented Nobu, nervously.

That was also Rob’s intention to stay prudent. He took a detour to Nabu, main planet of Wode, from where the Nabu people took their name as this was their home planet. It would be likely for them to go to Nabu with commercial intentions. Plus, it would let time to Grimm to scan the rest of the system, Nabu being close enough from the two other planets: Ladil and Phypi. The Neanderthalian understood quickly the man’s plan and continued to scan and watch for Najas.

It appeared that the scattered Naja ship wasn’t there, nor any other Naja spy ship commercially dressed undercover. They surely had the order to regroup after they have proved they didn’t follow the actual cargo but a lure or proceed with the cargo itself. Fortunately for the crew! Then, the captain finally took direction of the hyperspace to the solar system. Yet, Mars never seemed so far away.

In the solar system, Rob Jakonen didn’t take any precaution more. He went directly to Mars. They landed on Base-51 where their client was waiting for them.

Zoey and Chasz decided to go shopping on the base. The three others unloaded the cargo.

“Jakonen! Nice to see you! Not too many difficulties on the road, I hope?” welcomed them the client.

“Not more than expected”, answered Rob. “Najas wanted to take possession of the cargo, but as you see, we lost them on our way here.”

“Good to know that the Naja people are interested in my goods!”

“Always look the good face of the medal, hum, Lol?”, asked the captain.

“That’s Lol Palma’s motto, yeah. You know me well, my friend, always optimistic”, answered the said Lol Palma.

“Your friend, hum? Next time, do me a favour: don’t call me for a suicide mission, will you?”, concluded Rob Jakonen, by taking his money and leaving.

Grimmthain and Nobu were already returned to the ship. The plumpy and dark-eyed Lol Palma tried to justify but Rob wasn’t listening: the guy knew about the Najas for sure, but he wouldn’t waist his time arguing. They were all safe and sound. It was an occasion to repair the cargo and make it gleam. Sure, Zoey would like that. And he could spend some nice time in Base-51… Stay positive and look the good face of the medal, Rob.


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