anata no moto he hashitte ikitai

“Run to you” in Japanese

Trying translating “Run to you” by Whitney Houston in Japanese 😉

Is it better to use 走る (はしる) or にげたい?
うで or 手 to say “arms”?
In parenthesis you’ll find what I think can be put away in Japanese and is understandable in the context OR kanji pronunciation. As I am a very beginner, if you could make comments on what can’t be abandonned or on kanji reading when it’s wrong, I’ll be glad!!

(私は)あなたに にげたい I wanna run to you
(私は)あなたに にげたい I wanna run to you
(あなたは)あなたのうで/手(て)の中(なか)に 入(い)れますか Won’t you hold me in your arms?
(あなたは)私を がいから あんぜんに してくれるでしょうか And keep me safe from harm?
あなたに にげたい I wanna run to you
しかし、もし/なら (私が) あなたに 来(く)たら But if I come to you
おしえて(ください)、(あなたは)たいざいしますか Tell me, will you stay?
又 (また)(あなたは) にげますか。 Or will you run away?


4 thoughts on “anata no moto he hashitte ikitai

  1. bouquinette000 says:

    腕 (うで) means “arms”

    にげたい means run away.
    >> use 走る (はしる) > 走る でしょう ?? (for I want to run…)


  2. bouquinette000 says:

    Title explanation:
    – The particle “へ” is used to indicate places or events such as “えきへ行きたい” (I will go to the station)
    but when you use it with people, you need to specify where about with those people, like nearby (“もと”), in your arms, etc.

    – To use “はしる” to say “to run”.
    if you say “はしりたい”(I want to run), it sounds like you want to do running as an exercise.
    “はしる でしょう” would mean “I will run”.
    So, one possible translation with ”はしる” would be “はしって いきたい”.


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