Anata no uta

“Your song” in Japanese

Trying toย translate the chorus of “Your song” by Elton John ๐Ÿ™‚
(And already a translation in sing-along HERE)

> Is it better to say ใ†ใŸ or ใใ‚‡ใ in this case??
> see * in text: I have difficulties to express the “you can tell” (you’re allowed to tell),
google translate gives me ใ†ใŸใˆใ‚‹ ใ“ใจ ใŒ ใงใใพใ™
but can I say to be simpler (hey I’m a beginner yet :P) you tell everybody ใ„ใ„ใพใ™
or maybe with an imperative it would be best tell everbody ใ„ใ„ใชใ•ใ„??
> see ** in text: I don’t know which word to use for life. Here, it is human life ไบบ็”Ÿ, but it doesn’t seem quite right…

(ใ‚ใชใŸใฏ) ใฟใ‚“ใชใซ ใ†ใŸใˆใ‚‹ ใ“ใจ ใŒ ใงใใพใ™*(You can tell everybody)
(ใ“ใ‚Œใฏ) ใ‚ใชใŸใฎๆ›ฒ๏ผˆใใ‚‡ใ๏ผ‰ ใงใ™ (this is your song)
(ใใ‚Œใฏ) ใ‹ใชใ‚Š ใ‹ใ‚“ใŸใ‚“ ใ‹ใ‚‚ ใ—ใ‚Œใพใ›ใ‚“ (it may be quite simple)
ไปŠ๏ผˆใ„ใพ๏ผ‰ใฏ ใŠใ‚ใฃใŸ (but now that it’s done)
ใ‚ใชใŸใฏ ๆฐ—๏ผˆใ๏ผ‰ใซใ—ใชใ„, ใญใŒใ„ใพใ™ (I hope you don’t mind)
ใ“ใจใฐใง ่จ€ใ„ใพใ™ (that I put down in words/that I say)
ใฉใ‚Œ ใใ‚‰ใ„ ใ™ใฐใ‚‰ใ—ใ„ ไบบ็”Ÿ**๏ผˆใ˜ใ‚“ใ›ใ„๏ผ‰ ใงใ™ (how wonderful life is)
ใ‚ใชใŸใŒ ใ›ใ‹ใ„ใซ ใ„ใ‚‹ ้–“๏ผˆใพ๏ผ‰ใซ (while you’re in the world)


2 thoughts on “Anata no uta

  1. bouquinette000 says:

    When a man sings, he uses “ๅƒ•ใผใ” or “ๅ›ใใฟ” (and not “็งใ‚ใŸใ—” or “ใ‚ใชใŸ”)

    It seems that ๆญŒใ†ใŸ and ๆ›ฒใใ‚‡ใ are quite the same. No one is better than the other.

    And “่จ€ใ†(ใ„ใ†)” as translation of “tell” is good. But “่จ€ใ„ใชใ•ใ„” is like you say “you ought to tell!”). So it is better to say “ใ„ใฃใฆใ‚‚ ใ„ใ„(ใงใ™)=you can tell”


  2. bouquinette000 says:

    I was also given this translation for the chorus:
    (ใใฟใฏ) ใฟใ‚“ใชใซ ใ„ใฃใฆใ„ใ„ใ‚ˆ
    ใ“ใฎใ†ใŸใฏ ใใฟใฎ ใ†ใŸ ใ ใฃใฆ
    ใ‹ใ‚“ใŸใ‚“ ใ™ใŽใ‚‹ ใ‹ใ‚‚ ใ—ใ‚Œใชใ„ใ‘ใฉ
    ใจใซใ‹ใ ใผใใฏ ใ‹ใ„ใŸ
    ใใซ ใ—ใชใ„ใง ใปใ—ใ„
    ใผใใŒ ใ‹ใ„ใŸ ใ“ใจใ‚’
    ใใฟใŒ ใ›ใ‹ใ„ใซ ใ„ใ‚‹ ไบบ็”Ÿใฏ ใฉใ‚Œ ใใ‚‰ใ„ ใ™ใฐใ‚‰ใ—ใ„ ใ‹ใฃใฆ

    And this tip to find other good translations (because Japanese people are cool and translate all the songs :P): search “Your Song Elton John ๆ—ฅๆœฌ่ชž ๆญŒ่ฉž ๅ’Œ่จณ”

    And because it is also interesting to know :
    the Japanese title is “ๅƒ•ใฎๆญŒใฏๅ›ใฎๆญŒ(ใผใใฎใ†ใŸใฏใใฟใฎใ†ใŸ = My song is your song)”


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