Melancholy Hawk #10

Jehasael #1

“Come on, dude! Gimme time! I’m on a huge case now!”

“That’s what you told me last time, Deety…”, began Rob Jakonen. “It was a loan, remember? Now you must give it back. I’ve been patient enough.”

The captain Rob Jakonen was on Base Juu-Ni of the planet Go. He encountered a kid he lent some money to about a year ago. Deety Chimaezon was a young scammer, drug and other stolen stuff reseller in the Arathi system of Katsu. Humans have mainly settled in Katsu-Ichi and Katsu-San, but it was not unusual to see them in other planets of the system. But they often were the bad kind of guys, worse than Deety.

Resting on the bar, Rob drank his scotch. Deety was scratching his dirty blond punk hair, annoyed. Once again, Jakonen won’t see the color of his loan. Happy Deety that he didn’t arrange interests… The skinny guy had piercings on ears and mouth, and a cheap ring at the left hand. He was obviously looking for a way out: he didn’t expect to face Rob that day.

“Look, captain…”

“There’s no “Look, captain””, cut him Rob. “My money. Now.”

“I haven’t it yet. But I have better”, hasted the kid. “I recently heard rumors about a temple…”

“Do the monks have my money?”

“Listen to me, Captain. It is worth it. I swear! It’s a Mivel temple on Mahalael. I’ve heard it would be where the governor Palaiah has been burried… You see! Precious info! Since they disappeared, no one knows what happened to the governors… I told you it was huge!”

“Where did you hear about that? Who told you?”

“I was on Ichi… and this dude, he couldn’t pay his dose…”

“You’re telling me you got the tip from one of your client? A junky? Man, you’re not serious…”

“It is very serious! The dude heard it in a bar, from two Perseids talking. They thought nobody heard or they were drunk and they said they recently decrypted a Mivel stuff… that Palaiah was always on Mahalael, and that he wanted to be buried there, where his ancestors were born… And it could be, because the last trace of the governor’s ship was in the Maziah system. So, his people could have brought him to Mahalael…”

Rob has stood quiet while Deety was describing what the junky overheard. From Perseid source, it could be true… Big thing… As an archeologist, Grimmthain would at least try and check… He was sorted out of his thoughts by the young con.

“Captain? What do you think?”

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