About me

My name is Dorothée, I am a French 29 years old Translator for English and German.

During my spare time, I like to cook, read, travel (even if I don’t do it often), listen to music, watch films and series and a lot of other stuff (like ladybugs, red pandas, post-it notes, earrings and chicory), and…

learn other foreign languages!

I write another blog (in French) on my language learnings : GLoBe-LeaRNeR. It contains grammar and vocabular points concerning the languages I am learning or have been learning and culture insight (so, it is a mess, but I like it all the same).

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Here I have other purposes. The present blog will be a Diary for my Writing Training in my Multiple Languages as the title says.

I have started and stopped to learn a certain number of languages. I tried to keep it simple and focus more… never really succeeded… Right now, I am at a good level in English and German (which I need to work with after all) and at a Beginner level for the others. That is where and when this blog comes in!

At a Beginner level, you start to learn vocabulary with avidity, some grammar points once in a while if you follow a class or a textbook… but the hardest part is always to produce yourself: speak and write. I’m a self-learner now and I have decided to take my language learning seriously and improve at last.

Regularly, I will post on the blog texts in foreign language about me, my language learning or more likely silly sentences to practice my languages. I will post in the languages that I am currently learning:

  • Spanish, that is a Romance language like French. I feel close to Spanish and am more likely to try writing it.
  • Japanese, to learn something really foreign (culturally too) with also a different writing system, which is another challenge. I know the kana, but my kanji learning is still in progress.
  • Icelandic, that I discovered a few years ago, stopped and restarted a couple of times but decided to learn properly now.
  • Hungarian, that I took interest for meeting some Hungarian people, who became my friends and who I visited last year. Now I want to know more about the language.

Four really different languages so I am not likely to confuse them!

Feel free to correct my mistakes and give me language advice in the comments if you know better or if you feel like it: I’ll learn faster thanks to you. Only be kind, remember learning is always in progress 😉

Let’s begin to write this Multiple Language Writing Diary!