Melancholy Hawk #10

Jehasael #1

“Come on, dude! Gimme time! I’m on a huge case now!”

“That’s what you told me last time, Deety…”, began Rob Jakonen. “It was a loan, remember? Now you must give it back. I’ve been patient enough.”

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Melancholy Hawk #9

Weapon Cargo to Mars #9 (final)

Read episode 8

The Melancholy Hawk left carefully but quickly the planet Ichi, and the system of Tsubata soon after that. They took the direction of the Wode system as Rob and Grimm agreed, but uncertain of the welcoming committee they would encounter there… When they first bluffed to escape the cruisers, they sent a drone to Wode and a Naja ship had followed and could still be there. Improbable but not impossible.

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Melancholy Hawk #8

Weapons Cargo to Mars #8

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The cargo finally arrived in the Tsubata system. As expected, even with all the precautions Rob took in the hyperspace, the ship has suffered other damages. Zoey released the nanobots immediately: the quarter they sealed has fallen apart.

Grimmthain scanned the system:

“The Naja are gone…”, he said.

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Melancholy Hawk #7

Weapons Cargo to Mars #7

Read episode 6

That was kind of bullshit suspense at the end of the last episode: of course they will make it through to Jaddhire, and they will succeed in their mission… I am not such an artist to kill all my characters at their first mission or write dramas. I am more a traditional not-at-all-original “the good guys win in the end” kind of girl 😉

But the Hawk’s crew doesn’t know that. They don’t even know they are story characters. So let’s take the story over in the crisis situation we left them.

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Melancholy Hawk #6

Weapons Cargo to Mars #6

Read episode 5

At the same moment, Rob made a 180°. As the rest of the crew didn’t expect that, they went through the acrobatics as they could, hurting themselves. The cruisers needed a few seconds to get back to position and decide who to follow.

“A Naja ship follows a drone to Heda and the Lucky Snake follows the one to Katsu”, commented the mechanic Zoey Neeski. Rob was glad they had change their plan as they previously wanted to join the solar system passing by Katsu…

“But one still after us”, ended the captain.

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Melancholy Hawk #5

Weapons cargo to Mars #5

Read episode 4

Rob Jakonen cursed the Nabu ships inside. He couldn’t afford to make a detour, the cargo was too slow and the Naja cruisers would be on him in seconds. Chaszmyr continued his pledge:

“Change the route Rob! The commercial ships are not equipped to support attacks.”

“You can see by yourself that the cruisers are gaining ground”, answered the captain, holding the course in spite of his evasion manoeuvres.

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Melancholy Hawk #4

Weapons Cargo to Mars #4

Read episode 3

The cargo was going straight to the hyperspace door. The Naja cruisers didn’t seem surprised as they followed them at high speed. Zoey was preparing the drone launching.

“Ready, Zoey? We’re entering the hyperspace in 3, 2, 1… Now!”, announced Rob.

Zoey pressed the button to free a drone with the multiplier effect in direction of the Wode system. The Melancholy Hawk took the other direction to Ribaddi. The Naja lost some seconds considering the situation. They decided to split. Continue reading