Miért olyan divatos a flamingók?

Why are flamingos so hype?

tendance flamant rose

The flamingo is in trend!

An interview (“Interjú”  in Hungarian) from Der Spiegel (a German newspaper) found in Vocable, a French learning magazine for languages: English, Spanish and here German. Translated in Hungarian.

After the owl, the flamingo came to decorate our bags and tops and shorts this summer. What does this elegant, flashy animal tell about ut? The answer with a trend expert, the director of the German institute of fashion Gerd Müller-Thomkins, that see us turn next Autumn to hedgehogs.

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Little sentences in Hungarian #13

Hét jó dolog, ami történt ezen a héten
(7 good things that happened this week)

positive things

That’s all in the title 😉

I have been writing a notebook of positive things a few months now (since December 2016 to be precise). Every evening I write three positive things that happened during the day. It helps staying positive in life 🙂

I made a compilation of my top 7 best events of last week in Hungarian.


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