little sentences in Japanese #16

mario plombier fuite évier

Look at the picture. What was the last drama of my life to your opinion?
Everything explained in Japanese 🙂

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little sentences in Japanese #15

けんこぅに ついて! (BE FIT!)

スポーツ に ついてかたろう。(Let’s talk about sports.)


ズポーツは けんこうに よい。 (Sport is good for the health)

なまけたい ときに も うんどう できる 12の ほうほう。(Here 12 manners to do sport when you are lazy.) > 12 ways to exercise when you want to be lazy

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Anata no uta

“Your song” in Japanese

Trying to translate the chorus of “Your song” by Elton John 🙂
(And already a translation in sing-along HERE)

> Is it better to say うた or きょく in this case??
> see * in text: I have difficulties to express the “you can tell” (you’re allowed to tell),
google translate gives me うたえる こと が できます
but can I say to be simpler (hey I’m a beginner yet :P) you tell everybody いいます
or maybe with an imperative it would be best tell everbody いいなさい??
> see ** in text: I don’t know which word to use for life. Here, it is human life 人生, but it doesn’t seem quite right…
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