Uppskrift granít með jarðarberjum og karamelluðum hnetum

At the moment, I am playing/cooking a lot with the granita machine my sister offered me for my birthday. Summer is the best time to eat granitas after all 🙂

She is coming to visit me next week, and I am testing recipes, so I can make her taste.

granité fraise

Here, a recipe of granita with strawberries and caramelized nuts. It’s in the fridge right now, so I can’t guarantee how it tastes (the photo is from the Internet). I wrote the recipe in Icelandic.

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Tracy McConnell-Mosby


Recientemente, he visto la serie “How I Met Your Mother” (Cómo conocí a vuestra madre).

La última temporada nos presenta, finalmente, la madre, la música que toca el bajo, la chica con el paraguas amarillo: ¡Tracy McConnell!


Ella es tan monada y tan amable, sin embargo, no ha tenido la vida fácil.

¡Atención, tienen spoilers aquí!

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Mi gata Zoey

A text about my future cat Zoey 🙂
It’s all about how I chose her name and what I know about her!

I’ll take her after Christmas. I can’t wait!!


Mi Gata Zoey

Hace un par de meses, una de mis amigas me decía que la gata de sus padres tenía gatitos. Decidía de acoger uno.

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