Little sentences in Icelandic #17

Icelandic conjugation (11)

I continue to use some verbs at present tense. Here I am wondering about the different possible contexts to use “að taka” (to take),”að kasta” (to cast or to throw) and “að beygja” (to turn)

Also, trying to use the verbs in expressions from the French, so it is possible that it doesn’t mean anything in English either, but it is a try!
Make corrections in the comments if you feel like it!

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Little sentences in Icelandic #16

Dates, appointments and ordinal numbers in Icelandic

A difficulty I encountered was to write the date in Icelandic. In fact, they use ordinal numbers for the date (like in German, and they also write for example “25. janúar”, with a dot to mark it), and I don’t have any list of them yet… so, I can’t say the dates… Then, I decided to make one!

I am quite confident for fjórða (4th) and fimmta (5th), because I found them in my Assimil book “L’islandais de poche”, but the rest is totally random! Please help me with your corrections if you have knowledge and time 🙂

Don’t mind the inconsistencies (today’s date for example), it is only using all the 31 dates possibilities to dress the Icelandic ordinal numbers list!

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