L’amour a des ailes

Let me be your wings in French

Salut !

And here it is, the reverse comparison project of the lyrics of Let Me Be Your Wings in Danish and French.

This time, the lyrics are translated from French into Danish.
To see the Danish to French translation, it is here !


Important vocabulary:
l’amour = love
les annéeslumières = lightyear
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Flyv afsted med mig

Let me be your wings in Danish


This year I began learning Danish. As usual, I use cartoon songs for the listening part and I found deeply in love with the Danish version of “Let Me Be Your Wings” from Thumbelina (Tommelise in Danish).

Here I compare the lyrics between Danish and French and in another post I’ll do the opposite (here, to come).

The English translation is in the subtitles of this video found on Youtube.

Some important vocabulary:
at flyve = to fly
en vinge = a wing
en stjerne = a star
mælkevej = the Milky Way.

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