Hvernig á að komast í burtu með morð

 (How to get away with murder)

Synopsis of the series and how it all begins, told in Icelandic!



The defense attorney Annalise Keating
and her four students and accomplices, Wes, Laurel, Connor and Michaela.


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Mi gata Zoey

A text about my future cat Zoey 🙂
It’s all about how I chose her name and what I know about her!

I’ll take her after Christmas. I can’t wait!!


Mi Gata Zoey

Hace un par de meses, una de mis amigas me decía que la gata de sus padres tenía gatitos. Decidía de acoger uno.

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Melancholy Hawk #11

Jehasael #2

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Rob spared Deety… again… However, he let the kid know that he wouldn’t be so kind if he met other treasure hunters on place, so he’d better keep it quiet on the subject. Deety promised… but it is more likely he already spoke.

Back on the Hawk, he gathered the team. As expected, Grimmthain was intrigued, but the rest of the crew wasn’t far behind in term of excitement. Grimm knew about Palaiah’s family on Mahalael and the attachment of the governor for the system of Maziah and this planet in particular. Wishes of the dead are very precious in the Mivel culture, so it would make sense that his people found a way to put his remains there.

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